APG Brake System Assists the Military Parade on 3rd Sep.

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When general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of China's Central Military Commission, Chinese President Xi Jinping appeared on the military parades site by taking parade car Hongqi L9, all of staffs from APG got excited. They were so proud to say :"The brakes of this car are made by APG." The president of APG Huang Laixing could barely choke back his tears, he was so excited and shouted out: China is strong now, the humiliating history of Chinese nation is gone for ever.



It's so proud that APG can supply the spare parts for "natinal car". For this special moment, APG and his people have strived for more than three decades. Looking at the national emblem in the front of parade car, silver-haired president Huang Laixing remembed the entrepreneurial experience thirty years ago. At the begining, APG was just a small workshop reparing the brake parts, no one could imagine that its products would match with national car. After experiencing the hard time of lack of money, the difficluty of developing market and techology, by holding the belief "Adhere to indigenous innovation, carry forward the national spirit " , APG becomes the leading domestic brand in Chinese brake system industry.


With no doubt, APG ushered a new starting point in the process of going forward, he will continuously improve the basic technology of the active safety system, and develop unmanned driving technology and hub motor to make our products become the first choice of the national car.

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