APG Participate in SAE-China Congress & Exhibition

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2015 SAE-China Congress & Exhibition was held in Shanghai on October 27th-29th, 2015.At the same time, CICV was held. APG chief manager and Zhejiang Internet Auto Safety System Company manager Mr. Shi Zhengtang toke part in the related activity of SAE-China Congress & Exhibition and CICV.

APG Participate in the exhibition together with Shenzhen Forward System Technology Company and TIMA Information Internet Technology Company. APG’s ABS, ESC, EABS and EPB were displayed on exhibition. Forward showed the ADAS. TIMA advertised and demonstrated through multimedia platform.
It was the first time for APG to make exhibition together with Forward and TIMA after APG made investment on them. Most industry insiders think that APG’s exhibition showed its primary effect on smart self-driving technology. They believed that APG has built the self-driving ecosystem, including smart car environment awareness, active safety controlling and mobile internet.

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